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  • 2014 Wall of Fame Alumni - (l-r) Joanne Smith-Tavener, Jacqueline Malaska, Sally Flanagan and Michael Falvo with Dr. Anne Farrell, Chair


  • Joanne Smith-Tavener - 2014 Wall of Fame Inductee

  • Michael Falvo - 2014 Wall of Fame Inductee

  • Jacqueline Malaska - 2014 Wall of Fame Inductee

  • Sally Flanagan - 2014 Wall of Fame Inductee

  • Class of 2014 Senior Class Dinner

  • Dr. Stella Volpe - Lecture "Obesity and Diabetes Prevention Throughout the Lifespan"

  • 2013 Scholarship Award Winners

  • Dr. Ratamess

  • Charles Smith in the Human Performance Lab

  • Wellness Expo 2014

  • Wellness Expo 2014

  • Wellness Expo 2014

  • Wellness Expo 2014

  • Wellness Expo 2014

  • 2014 Fitness Testing

  • Dr. John Farrell's A&P Class

  • Lesson Plans

  • Congratulations to Zach Dlabik - Emertia Health and Exercise Teaching Award

  • Class in the Human Performance Lab

  • Congratulations to Michael Kreckel - Gertrude Valleau Metzger '28 Award

  • Congratulations to Megan Flynn - Marilyn Murray '61 Scholorship

  • Congratulations to Matthew Wells - Patricia Chamberlin Scholarship

  • Congratulations to Paul Searles - Roger Rada Award

  • Congratulations to Jillian Nealon - Sally Flanagan '80 Field Experience II Scholarship

  • 2013 Mildred Dahne Award Winner - Dr.Avery Faigenbaum and Dr. Anne Farrell, Chair accept award.

  • (L-R) First alumni added to Wall of Fame - John Simone, Charles Inverso, Charles Miller, Tony Rienzo and Tracy Radler - Congratulations!

  • Matthew Wells and Megan Flynn discuss their research at the MUSE event.

  • Joelle Bagley explaining her research

  • Michael Kreckel in the Human Performance Lab

Congratulations to Drs. Avery Faigenbaum and Jim McFarland

Their article “Criterion Repetition Maximum Testing” in National Strength and Conditioning Association, 36(1), 88-91 published last February has generated interest by the National Strength and Conditioning Association to explore the use of their program rubric at a national level.  Congratulations on this honor.Continue Reading

Fitter Faster?

Fitter Faster?

Maybe you have a paper to write. Or too much work. Whatever the reason, you feel like skipping the gym. Don’t.  You might be able to gain cardio benefits and strength in much less time than you think. A team of researchers at TCNJ’s Human Performance Lab is using test subjects and science to figure…Continue Reading

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