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Constitution and Bylaws


Constitution and Bylaws Of the
The College of New Jersey Health and Exercise Science Club Established January 2006
Article I -Name

• The organization shall be known as the College of New Jersey Health and Exercise Science Club

Article II -Purpose

• To represent all Health and Exercise Science (HES) students (exercise science and physical education) in the form of the organization.
• To encourage membership in professional organizations on the local, state and national level and to provide opportunities for membership in said organizations.
• To provide an opportunity for personal professional growth while opening new horizons.

Article III -Membership

• The organization’s membership is open to all HES students. Article IV – Officers
• The officers of the organization shall consist of a President, Vice President, and a SecretaryITreasurer.
• There shall be an advisor (s) for the club.
• Terms of office shall be from one school year (Fall and Spring)
• It shall be the duty of the president to organize the electoral process. Note Officers must meet all qualifications specified by Student Life.
Article V -Amendments

• An amendment to the Constitution may be proposed at any time by an active member of the club and shall be in written form. The amendment can be presented at any time to any of the officers as well as the advisor, and will be brought up at the next scheduled meeting. A majority vote is needed for the final adoption of the suggested amendments (s).


Article I -Membership

 • No application of membership is necessary. Students are merely required to provide contact information at the first meeting they attend.
• The two types of members include:
I. Officers
2. Members Article II – Committees
• Committees will be formed as necessary based on the current club activities.
• Committee selection will be on a volunteer basis. Article III – Financial Provisions
• Currently there are no dues or initiation fees necessary for the joining of the HES club
• Funds will be allocated through fund raising and school budget. Article IV -Notice of Meetings
• Notification of meetings will be either by e-mail, or through flyers posted within the HES department.

Article V – Advisors

• The advisor shall be a volunteer faculty member within the HES department. Article VI
• A minimum of 10 members must be present at a meeting in order to present a new amendment.
• Amendments shall be submitted to the Student Government Association for review on a yearly basis.