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Anne Christine Farrell, Ph.D.


The College of New Jersey
2000 Pennington Ave
Ewing, NJ 09628
(609) 771-2191

The University of New Mexico: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Doctor of Philosophy:
Major: Physical Education Curriculum & Instruction,
Minor: Health Education/Health Promotion

Canisius College: Buffalo, New York
Masters of Science,
Major: Physical Education
Minor: Adapted Physical Education

Temple University: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Bachelor of Science
Major: Physical Education
Minor: Health Education

The College of New Jersey
Assistant Professor: August 2005 – present
Embracing the Teacher-Scholar model. Teach elementary and secondary methods of HPE, motor development, and coordinate and supervise field experiences. Responsible for heading NCATE accreditation committee for the HES department.
HES 180: Motor Development & Elementary Movement
HES 292: Elementary Methods of HPE w/ Field Experience
HES 303: Assessment & Evaluation of HPE
HES 351: Stress Management
HES 390: Secondary Methods of HPE w/ Field Experience
HES 392: Theory & Practice of HPE (discontinued)
HPEM 590/694: Methods of HPE/Internship I
Committees: Teacher Education Program Council (TEPC), Faculty Senate, Academic Leaders, Department & School search committees, Mildred Dahne, Town Center Wellness Center, Search Committee for department, school, VP of Human Resources, and Dean of NHES, Council of Chairs.

Niagara County Community College
Adjunct Professor: August 2004 – May 2005
Taught health education courses to the PHE majors and general student population.
HPE 130: Foundations of HED
HPE 201: Healthful Living

Erie Community College
Adjunct Professor: January 2005- May 2005
Taught fitness and weight training courses to PED major and general student population.
PE 203: Physical Fitness II
PE 223: Weight Training

Canisius College, Buffalo
Assistant Professor: September 2001 – August, 2004.
Responsibilities included teaching both elementary and secondary methods, measurement, and movement classes to undergraduate students, supervising student
teachers and was the Graduate Research Coordinator. Created and oversaw the PE
Professional Development School.

PED 211 Movement Education
PED 371: Measurement & Evaluation/Field Experience
PED 241/441/541 Teaching Methods (Elementary/Secondary/Field Exp.)
PED 450: Student Teaching Supervision
HED 420: School Health
PEG 550: Analysis & Development of Curriculum
PEG 580: Contemporary Issues in PE, HE, Sports Studies*.
PEG 680/EDU 615 Research Methods/Research Techniques
PEG 584 Master’s Exam*
PEG 690/699: Master’s Project/Master’s Thesis

California State University, Bakersfield
Assistant Professor, Physical Education Student Teaching Coordinator: September 1999 – July 2001
Responsibilities included placing and supervising physical education student teachers,
working with undergraduate physical education majors and non-majors on teaching methodology. Modified the PE curriculum to meet with NCATE standards and created Health Education program for undergraduate majors.

Professional Physical Education and Education Courses:
Coordinator & Supervisor:
EDSE 445/447: Single Subject Student Teaching I & II
EDSE 421: Physical Education Special Methods
EDSE 446/448: Student Teaching Seminar I & II
PED 305: Motor Development (lecture & lab)
PED 340: Teaching Techniques in Physical Education
PED 345: Elementary School Physical Education
PED 402: Adapted Physical Education Practicum
PED 490: Senior Seminar in Physical Education
HED 480-484 Nutrition & Wellness, First Aid, Injury Prevention

University of New Mexico
Teaching Assistant, August 1996 – July 1999
Responsibilities included supervising pre-service teachers, working with
undergraduate physical education majors, assisting in the therapeutic laboratory,
and leading fitness/activity classes for non-majors.

Professional Physical Education Courses:
PE-P 444: Student Teachers and Junior Block Students
PE-P 245: Laboratory Experience
PE-P 310: Teaching of Team Sports
PE-P 234: Track & Field/Cooperative Games
PE-P 235: Aerobic/Jogging Conditioning
PE-P 238: Weight Training and Conditioning

Co-Instructor/Guest Lecturer:
PE-P 466: Special Physical Education
H.Ed. 260: Fundamentals of Health Promotion: Philosophy of H.E.
H.Ed. 377: Stress Management: Biofeedback Methods & Paradigm Reconstruction
H.Ed. 362: Theory and Skills for the Development of a Healthy Adolescent: Decision Making Processes for Adolescents.
H.Ed. 492: Violence Prevention: Introduction of Violence Prevention for Student Use
H.Ed. 492: Injury Prevention: Controlling/Limiting Injury Prevention in the
Classroom/Gymnasium/Aquatic Center

Non-Professional Physical Education Courses:
PE-NP 188 Therapeutic Laboratory & Therapeutic Pool
PE-NP 132 Golf for Beginners
PE-NP 160 Weight Training & Physical Conditioning
PE-NP 158 Aerobic Dance (beginning & intermediate)
PE-NP 162 Water Aerobics (shallow & deep water)
PE-NP 110 Swimming (beginning, intermediate & advanced)
PE-NP 220 Lifeguard Training

Canisius College
Graduate Assistant, August 1995-May 1996
Teacher of physical education at St. Joe’s private school. Instructor for undergraduate fitness
and skill classes. Coached the Women’s lacrosse club team

Professional Physical Education Courses:
Water Safety Instruction Lifeguard Training Hockey (floor, field, ice) Tennis & Badminton Dance/Aerobic Dance
Guest Lecturer:
PEG 230 Philosophy of Physical Education: Historical Background
PEG 560 Morals and Ethics: Gender Role Issues.

Physical Education:
Trenton Community Charter School, Trenton, NJ. (January 2009-May 2011)
Served as a mentor to three new health & physical education teachers and curriculum director for the HPE program.

Trenton YMCA Pre-School, Trenton, NJ. (January 2006 – present)
Created, implemented and supervise pre-k movement education.

Buffalo School District Early Childhood Centers: 12, 36, 54, 64, 82, & 90, Buffalo, NY (January 2002 – June 2004).
Provided and supervised weekly physical education classes to early childhood schools not receiving physical education more than once a week from the district.

Reagan Elementary School: Bakersfield CA (January 2000 – June 2001).
Provided and supervised weekly physical education classes to K-4 students not receiving physical education from a certified PE instructor.

Saint Joseph’s Preparatory Academy, Buffalo NY, Physical Education Provider (September 1995-June 1996)
Served as K-8 physical education teacher and coordinator for the physical education professional development program with Canisius College.

Jefferson Projects GED Program, Buffalo Vocational Institution, Buffalo, NY.
(September 1994 – June, 1995)
Addressed health and family issues with high school GED students.

Nichols High School, Buffalo, New York (August 1994 – June 1995)
Coached girls JV field hockey, basketball & lacrosse

Women’s Mid-West Lacrosse Association, Amherst, New York (August 1994)
Introduction of women’s high school lacrosse league into Western New York’s
public schools.

Shoemaker Middle School, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, (September 1992- June 1994)
Taught physical and health education to grades 6-8.
Coached boys basketball and boys & girls track and field

Health Education:
Fight Against Teen Pregnancy, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (January, 1994)
Hahnemann Hospital: collaborated on educating inner city teens (males and females) on preventing unwanted teenage pregnancy.