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Faculty and Staff in the Department of Health and Exercise Science serve as academic and administrative resources.  Faculty advise students about career opportunities, internship possibilities, and graduate and professional school applications.  Staff provide students with administrative resources.


Name Email Address Phone Number Room Number
Mr. Noah Beller, Internship Coordinator 609/771-2032 Packer Hall - 234
Dr. Laura Bruno, Assistant Professor 609/771-2195 Packer Hall - 236
Dr. Jill A. Bush, Associate Professor 609/771-3198 Packer Hall - 232
Dr. Avery Faigenbaum, Professor 609/771-2151 Packer Hall - 227
Dr. Anne Farrell, Associate Professor 609/771-3160 Packer Hall - 220
Dr. John Farrell, Assistant Professor 609/771-3130 Packer Hall - 226
Dr. Jie Kang, Professor 609/771-2848 Packer Hall - 222
Dr. Nicholas Ratamess, Professor 609/771-3149 Packer Hall - 221
Mrs. Carol Wells, Program Coordinator 609/771-3034 Packer Hall - 216