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Undergraduate Options

For a full listing of requirements in the program, please view the Health and Exercise Science undergraduate bulletin.


  • MAT: Master of Arts in Teaching in Health and Physical Education – Program not accepting applications at this time.



  • Students who have matriculated in health and exercise science must complete their major required courses
    within the Health and Exercise Science Department at The College of New Jersey.
  • The department will not accept a “D” grade in any health and exercise science subject required in the major programs from a transfer student.
  • In agreement with the college policy, a combination of transfer credits and credit by examination may not exceed eighty-three credits; however, the Health and Exercise Science Department reserves the right to specify certain courses which must be taken at The College of New Jersey before the student will be permitted to enroll.
  • The department maintains the right and the responsibility to dismiss students from the major who have not made satisfactory progress completing the major component of the program, fulfilling department requirements, and/or teacher certification requirements.