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The Department of Health and Exercise Science (HES) embraces the concept that regular physical activity enhances health, fitness, and performance.  The department aspires to and strives for excellence and distinction in teaching, scholarship, and professional service, and believes that a serious and continuing commitment to scholarship complements and enriches teaching.  The department is committed to providing an intellectually challenging yet accessible environment that fosters and maximizes students’ learning and development.  The department offers a comprehensive curriculum that encompasses both the breadth and depth of knowledge of human health and movement.  Through a variety of course offerings, laboratory and field experiences, pedagogical practices, research opportunities, and student-faculty interactions, our graduates will develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to excel as professionals or as continuing students seeking advanced education.

Our faculty are leaders within their field and provide ample opportunity for our students to participate in many of their research and community projects. The goal of the department is to produce exemplary professionals that will be leaders in their respective professions and communities.   The programs of study that are offered within the department include undergraduate study in Exercise Science and Physical Education.

  • The Exercise Science major, HESA, prepares students for a focused area of study in the applied sciences.  The academic program concentrates on basic and applied physiology (at introductory and advanced levels), anatomy and kinesiology, biomechanics and nutrition and metabolism.      Graduates of this program have successfully completed graduate programs in medicine, allied  health  ( e.g.   physical   and occupational therapy, nutrition, etc.,) and research.  Many students have also entered the strength and conditioning profession through this major, and are working as either personal trainers or strength and conditioning coaches.  The Health and Exercise department is a  recognized educational program for the study of strength and conditioning by the National Strength and Conditioning Association.
  •  The Physical Education major, HEST, prepares students to become Health and Physical education teachers in K-12 schools, meeting all New Jersey state teacher education requirements.  Practical classroom experience in school settings begins in the sophomore year and continues through the senior year with supervised student teaching.  Many students in this major choose to enter the coaching profession during their careers.

For a full listing of requirements in the program, please view the Health and Exercise Science undergraduate bulletin.