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Dr. Avery Faigenbaum – Research and Publications

Research Interests

Dr. Faigenbaum’s primary research interests reside in the field of pediatric exercise science and resistance exercise. His research in the Human Performance Laboratory and public schools allows him to integrate the most advanced research findings into physical education curricula and conditioning programs for young athletes. Dr. Faigenbaum also maintains his expertise and interest in fundamental movement skill assessment and integrated neuromuscular training to foster improved interventions that spark a lifelong interest in physical activity.


Recent Scientific Publications 

Faigenbaum, A., McFarland, J, Naclerio, F., Myer, G., Kang, J., Ratamess, N. (2012). Reliability of the one repetition-maximum power clean test in adolescent athletes. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 26(2): 432-437. 

Faigenbaum, A., Myer, G., Naclerio, F., and Casas, A. (2011). Injury trends and prevention in youth resistance training. Strength and Conditioning Journal, 33(3): 36-41.

 Myer, G. Faigenbaum,A, Chu, D. Falkel, J, Ford, K, Best, T.Hewett, T. (2011). Integrative Training for Children and Adolescents: Techniques and Practices for Reducing Sports-related Injuries and Enhancing Athletic Performance and in Young Athletes. Physician and Sports Medicine, 39(1):74-84

Myer, G., Faigenbaum, A., Ford, K., Best, T., Bergeron, M, Hewett, T. (2011). When to initiate integrative neuromuscular training to reduce risk of sports-related injuries in youth? Current Sports Medicine Reports. 9(3): 161-168.

Faigenbaum, A., Stracolinni, A., Myer, G. (2011).  Exercise deficit disorder in youth: The hidden truth. Acta Paediatrica, 100, 1423-1425. 

Faigenbaum, A., Farrell, A., Fabiano, M., Radler, T., Naclerio, F., Ratamess, N., Kang, J., Myer, G. (2011). Effects of integrative neuromuscular training on fitness performance in children. Pediatric Exercise Science, 23, 573-584

Faigenbaum, A. & Myer, G. (2010). Resistance training among young athletes: Safety, efficacy and injury prevention effects.  British Journal of Sports Medicine, 44, 56-63.

Faigenbaum, A. McFarland, J., Buchanan, E., Ratamess, N., Kang, J., Hoffman, J. (2010). After-school fitness performance is not altered following physical education in adolescent athletes. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 24(3):765-770.

Faigenbaum, A. & Myer, G. (2010). Pediatric resistance training: Benefits, concerns and program design considerations. Current Sports Medicine Reports, 9:161-168.

Faigenbaum, A. McFarland, J., Kelley, N., Ratamess, N., Kang, J., Hoffman, J. (2010). Influence of recovery time on warm-up effects in adolescent athletes. Pediatric Exercise Science, 22:266-277.


Selected Books and Chapters 

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