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 BS – Exercise Science (HESA)

The exercise science portion of the major offers a broad spectrum of study that allows the student ample opportunity to create the program of study that helps meet their needs and desires.

This major is designed for students who are interested in studying the body of knowledge of human movement and would like to pursue a career in exercise science, sports medicine or allied health.

Exercise science, also referred to as applied physiology, is a stimulating area of study that is fast growing and multi-disciplinary.  Exercise scientists study the interaction between the human body and physical activity and are able to apply their knowledge and skills to help people improve physical performance, fitness and quality of life.  Exercise science is an area of study with tremendous applicability to a host of professions that include competitive sports, recreation, health and wellness, rehabilitation, medicine and military.

Students in the exercise science major receive a broad range of courses that focus on the scientific basis of human movement such as anatomy and human physiology, exercise physiology, metabolism, kinesiology, biomechanics, and biochemistry. These courses emphasize critical thinking skills and provide students with research opportunities.  In addition, the program has the flexibility by which students can tailor their academic program to meet their career objectives.

Many graduates of this program have gone on to medical school, chiropractic school, and graduate programs in physical therapy, occupational therapy and exercise science.

The department also prepares students to sit for the National Strength and Conditioning Association’s (NSCA) certification exams (certified strength and conditioning coach and certified personal trainer). The department is also a NSCA education recognized program for strength and conditioning.


Program Contact -

 Dr. Jie Kang